Thomas L. Hogan


Academic Publications

"Evaluating Risk-based Capital Regulation" (with Neil Meredith and Harry Pan) Review of Financial Economics, Forthcoming.

"The Political Economy of Bitcoin" (with Joshua Hendrickson and William J. Luther) Economic Inquiry, 54(2): 925–939. 2016

"Risk and Risk-Based Capital of U.S. Bank Holding Companies" (with Neil Meredith) Journal of Regulatory Economics, 49(1): 86-112. 2016.

"Alternatives to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation" (with Kristine Johnson) The Independent Review, 20(3): 433-454. 2016.

"The Implicit Costs of Government-Provided Deposit Insurance" (with William J. Luther) Journal of Private Enterprise, 31(2) Summer 2016: 1-13.

“Banking Regulations and Knowledge Problems” (with G.P. Manish) Advances in
Austrian Economics,
20: 213-234. 2016.

"Ben Bernanke and Bagehot's Rules" (with Rachel Le and Alex Salter) Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 47(2-3): 333-348. 2015.

"Has the Fed Improved U.S. Economic Performance?" Journal of Macroeconomics,
43(2015): 257-266. 2015.

"Capital and Risk in Commercial Banking: A Comparison of Capital and Risk-based Capital Ratios," Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 57(2015): 32-45. 2015.

"Risk-Based Capital Revisited: Evidence from the Early 2000s" (with Neil Meredith and Harry Pan) Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance, 23(2): 115-134. 2015.

"Changing Perceptions of Maturity Mismatch in the US Banking System: Evidence from the Equity Markets" (with Andrew T. Young and Travis Wiseman). Southern Economic Journal, 81(1): 193-210. 2014.

"Explicit Costs of Government-Provided Deposit Insurance" (with William J. Luther) Cato Journal, 34(1): 145-170. 2014.

Working Papers

"Bank Lending and Interest on Excess Reserves," Working paper.

"The Impact of Dodd-Frank on Banks’ Noninterest Expenses" (with Scott Burns) Under review.

"Hayek, Cassel, and the Origins of the Great Depression" (with Lawrence H. White) Under review.

"War, Money, and Economy: Performance in the Fed and pre-Fed Periods" (with Daniel J. Smith) Working paper.

"Endogenous Matching and Money with Random Consumption Preferences" (with William J. Luther) Under review.

"Central Banking Without Romance" (with Robin Aguiar-Hicks and Daniel J. Smith) Under Review.

Book Chapters

“Alternatives to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation” (with Kristine Johnson), pp.60-95 in Peirce, Hester and Ben Klutsey, ed. Reframing Financial Regulation: Enhancing Stability & Protecting Consumers, Washington, DC: The Mercatus Center at George Mason University. 2016.

Policy Papers

"Deposit Insurance is Not Fair"
(with William Luther) American Institute for Economic Research, Research Briefs. April 25, 2017.

"The Failure of Risk-based Capital Regulation" (with Neil Meredith and Harry Pan) Mercatus on Policy no. 120. 2013.

"Deposit Insurance is Not Free" (with William J. Luther) Mercatus on Policy no. 115. 2012.

"Competition in Currency: The Potential for Private Money" Policy Analysis, no. 698. 2012.