Troy University

Finance 3331 - Fundamentals of Managerial Finance I

Class size: 40 students

Teacher rating (out of 7): 6.84, 6.41, 6.20, 4.75 

Student comments:

"Troy needs more teachers  like Dr. Hogan. He is EXTREMELY student oriented. He does EVERYTHING he  can in his power to help a student in any way possible.”

“Wonderful teacher who really tried his hardest to help students succeed  in this class and be prepared for classes like this in the future.”

“I liked the way the class was structured. I was able to see how finance was related to other topics in business.”

“This class was very good organized and the material covered was also  perfect. The instructor in my opinion did a great job trying to help who  needed and also patient on explaining again and again if needed too."


Finance 4437 - Financial Institutions

Class size: 15 students

Teacher rating (out of 7): 7.0

Student comments:

"Professor  Hogan did an amazing job teaching this class. He was creative,  innovative and gave many different mediums to which students could  obtain understanding of the material.”

“He teaches really clearly and I actually learn the knowledge and  everyone in the class is active. He teaches financial knowledge in an  interesting way, which makes us want to study and try to remember.”

“Hogan is a very enthusiastic teacher. He was really able to break subject matter down to the students that did not understand."


Finance 3332 - Fundamentals of Managerial Finance II

Class size: 40 students

Teacher rating (out of 7): 6.31, 6.24, 5.21

Student comments:

"Wonderful teacher!"

West Texas A&M University
ECON 4312: Money & Banking

Class size: 30 students

Teacher rating (out of 6): 5.00, 4.68

Student comments:

"Dr. Hogan is an excellent professor, one of my favorites at WT."

"He did a great job teaching the the material.  Lots of discussion."

"Excellent.  Like the real world examples given. Like the discussions in class."

"Excellent.  I got a lot out of the articles."

"The content was good - very interesting to me, loved the way it stimulated my thinking about economics."


Economics 6312: Graduate Money and Banking

Class size: 15 students

Teacher rating (out of 6): 4.57

Student comments:


"Very extraordinary class... Very nice professor."

"I really enjoyed the class.  Subject had to do with the real world."


ECON 2301: Macroeconomics

Class size: 40 to 70 students

Teacher rating (out of 6): 5.45, 5.33, 4.95, 4.72, 4.12, 4.08

Student comments:

"Good instructor overall."

"Very intelligent and passionate."

"I like that he was enthusiastic, it helped keep me focused."

"He knows the subject very well.  He stayed on top of everything."

"The content was broad and taught in a way to help me relate it to the real world."

George Mason University
ECON 310: Money and Banking

Class size: 30 students

Teacher rating (out of 5): 4.84

Student comments:

"Best teacher ever in econ... Professor Hogan changed my view for this subject."

"Kept class engaged and actively participating in material throughout the discussion... Great professor."

"Made all the topics easy to understand.  Awesome Professor!"

"Mr. Hogan is an awesome teacher."

[Responding to the question "What modification do you suggest for the next time the course is taught?"]
"Nothing.  He was awesome."

Rating on (out of 5): 4.8

Student comments:

"Econ 310 is a boring and hard class but this professor makes it very interesting and tries to make the class as straightforward as possible for students!"

"He is fantastic!"

"This guy makes Economics interesting...  I wish all professors were on top of their game like Mr. Hogan"


FNAN 301: Financial Management

Class size: 140 students
Teacher rating (out of 5): 4.54, 4.25

Student comments:

"Professor was the key!!!! He was a great teacher. He lectures really  well, explains everything very clearly, he was on top of everything."

"Great class...probably the best I've ever taken."

"The professor was very clear in how he taught the class and gave us a lot of different ways to learn."

"Hogan is very good at explaining finance to students. He's very good at connecting with his audience."

"He has done an exceptional job teaching one of the most difficult classes at Mason, in a fair way." 

[Responding to the question "What modification do you suggest for the next time the course is taught?"]

Rating on (out of 5): 4.5

Student comments:

"Great professor, extremely hard class."

"You can actually understand the material with him and he breaks it down to where you can grasp the material."

"Great professor ever!!! The way he explains the lessons and math problems are very well. His slides are easy to understand, focus straight on the main points."

"Hogan is definitely a great professor."

"He's a superb professor."

"Hogan is the man."


FNAN 301: Financial Management (Lab section)

Average class size: 50 students

Teacher ratings (out of 5): 4.89, 4.76, 4.75, 4.73, 4.68, 4.53, 4.53, 4.5, 4.36

Student comments:

"Great teacher!"

"Hogan was extremely good at explaining the material in class and  definitely helped students to further their understanding of the  material. Great instructor."

"Mr. Hogan was excellent at explaining the material."

"He made class really interesting and always provided good methods for  memorizing while emphasizing key concepts for each lecture."

"He connected with the students. He broke down very difficult material into an much easier process to understand and apply.